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Video: Burning Man 2015

I won’t lie, I definitely got a little weepy putting this video together. Getting to relive my time at the Burn this year definitely made me the. happiest. 🙂 I hope by watching this you either get to experience the Burn a little through me, or that you’re reminded of your own adventures out on the Playa.

Some of the amazing stuff/art/camps/art cars/weird things featured in this video:

Sextant Camp
El Pulpo Mecanico
Abraxas the Dragamuffin
Kitty Cat Art Car
Little House on the Playa
Camp Walter/Kalliope
Camp Boring
Mayan Warrior
Church Trap
Forest House
Temple of Promise
Totem of Confessions

(ps if you know the name for the wagon-inspired art car, please let me know so I can credit them.)

Oh! And if you’re looking for my other posts about Burning Man, check it out…

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…and a few more about my experiences years past. )'(

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