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Theresa Christine of Tremendous Times

The goal of Tremendous Times is to inspire others to explore. I believe that adventure is accessible to everyone and I want to show people how to create it in their own lives.

I love travel blogs, but I’ve always felt a bit of a separation between myself and the people who write them. Many travel at a luxury level I honestly don’t desire when I’m on the road. Others have a spouse that helps support them, but I’m usually traveling solo (and with some student loans in tow). I’ve found so few blogs that recognize you can explore Thailand, Texas, your hometown, and everywhere in between, and they are all amazing experiences — so I decided to make a blog that did just that.

If you…

* want to travel more but have always thought it’s solely for the rich or extremely lucky
* would like to learn how to have big adventures on a ramen noodle budget
* enjoy seeing unique and off-beat destinations
* need more inspiration in your life
* desire more control over where your life is going
* would like to learn how to travel smarter, cheaper, and lighter

…then Tremendous Times is exactly what you need.

Dalai Lama Quote

I want to create a space to encourage people to adventure in their everyday lives, to save up for those big trips, to travel near, to travel far (and to have a great time doing both!), and to dream big. Are you ready?

You’ll find a variety of articles on here on all sorts of topics (just check out the categories to the right!). Find what you’re looking for:

* Destinations (Black Rock City/Burning Man, Iceland, and New Orleans, just to name a few)
* Budget Travel for the broke and beautiful
* Experiences for my personal take on things and places
* Sponsored Posts for products or services I love and want to share with you
* Posts with Audio or Video for fun media extras
* Wanderlinks for cool links to travel-y goodness
* And a few other categories you might enjoy: Tremendous Tunes, Wanderlust Cinema, Travel That, Creative Inspiration

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And last, love hearing from readers! Join the conversation in the comments section of each post and share your thoughts. Contact me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc. My contact page also lists my email address if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Happy adventuring!

20 thoughts on “New? Start here!

  1. So glad I have stumbled across this blog – currently have a huge case of wanderlust!! I’m hoping to move abroad to Italy to travel in January, so i’m pretty sure this blog is going to become my new bible 🙂

  2. Hey! Found you on WordPress Reccommend, and I’m glad I did 🙂 I am going through some of your Tips and Advice pages at the moment – they’re so helpful!! Next week I’m off to Italy for three weeks, and soon I’ll be off on a round the world adventure on a shoe string budget so I’m after all the advice I can get haha.

  3. Hi Theresa.

    I was reading your blog this morning and noticed that you have a awesome page. I actually have a similar blog that might be helpful or useful to your audience.

    See it yourself: soon there will be more interesting posts.

    Let me know what you think of it.

    Either way, have a nice day,


  4. I have literally just published my first blog and I am having a look around. I lived in Spain for ten years and have recently returned to Scotland to live. Cannot settle though, and when I manage to offload my teenage boys (only kidding), I will be off again. I am in my fifties but I find my wanderlust has increased over the years, and I hope my age won’t be a barrier. Keep travelling 🙂

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