Resources for Everyday Adventurers

Resources for Everyday Adventurers

You know that feeling.

The one you get when you book a flight somewhere you’ve never been, when you befriend strangers at the hostel you’re in, or when you discover a gorgeous vista or view. That feeling — that feeling is magic. You have those experiences all the time when traveling because everything is new and fresh. But wouldn’t you like to have that magic feeling every day?

Well, now you can. All of the resources you need to create adventure in your day-to-day life are now in one spot.

My gift to you is Resources for Everyday Adventurers. This digital guide is packed full of ideas, including:

* places to meet new people that you haven’t been to before
* new, fun activities to do in your free time
* where to take up classes to gain new skills you’ve always wanted learn
* how to make extra cash 
* what tools can help you budget better and save money
* where to turn for inexpensive travel options

Just because you can’t travel right now doesn’t mean your life has to be less exciting. Sometimes all it takes is looking at the world with a fresh set of eyes, and this guide will help you do it.

Interested? Sign up for my newsletter, Tremendous Times Journal, and I will send you this amazing digital guide. Break out of your regular routine. Achieve your goals. Put a little bit of that magic spark into your life, every. single. day.

So why wait? Become an everyday adventurer.

Tremendous Times Journal will feature photos I like, polls, travel destinations, news, sneak previews, advice, among other little tidbits of super cool information. You will receive 1-2 emails per month, it will all be new content not featured on the blog, and I promise it will be 100% non-spammy.

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